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2020 integrated
Company profile
PhosAgro saw record-high sales in Russia — its key market. PhosAgro-Region’s total fertilizer supplies to Russian farmers grew by over 12% to exceed 3.5 mln t. Of that, more than 80% (2.9 mln t) was PhosAgro’s products, which is 8% higher year-on-year. This cemented the Company’s undisputed leadership in the Russian market by total volume of supplies.
32% share of Russia and the CIS in the Company’s 2020 sales volumes See more
In terms of output, 2020 was a record-breaking year for PhosAgro. The long-term development programme allowed the Company to produce more than ten million tonnes of commercial products a year for the first time ever, while total fertilizer sales grew by more than 5%.
5.3% Increase in sales volumes in 2020 See more
For a number of years now, PhosAgro’s EBITDA margin has been one of the highest among direct competitors. In 2020, its key drivers were technological and operational improvements in production processes, completion of key investment projects, and recovery in global prices for fertilizers.
33.2% EBITDA margin in 2020 See more
The Company consistently works on increasing the number and role of independent directors. At present, seven of the ten directors are independent, which is well above the average in Russia and on par with the best global practices. Independent directors chair five of the six Board committees.
70% share of independent directors See more
Share capital
PhosAgro is committed to striking an effective and reasonable balance between the payment of dividends and reinvestment of profit in further development. Higher transparency and predictability of dividend payments are a priority for the Company as it seeks to strengthen its investment case.
83% dividend payout ratio based on net profit after foreign exchange differences See more
Financial statements
In 2020, PhosAgro’s cash flow hit a high of RUB 42.5 bln, buoyed by the consistently strong sales and more efficient working capital management.
50.4% increase in free cash flow in 2020 See more
Additional information
The Company constantly works to bring more value to its employees, focusing on personnel development, human rights and social security programmes. PhosAgro’s employee loyalty and satisfaction index increased from 30% in 2013 to 63% in 2020.
63% PhosAgro’s employee loyalty and satisfaction index in 2020 See more