Key indicators

Financial highlights

Key indicators

Revenue, RUB bln
Adjusted net profit, RUB bln

EBITDA and EBITDA margin

EBITDA margin, RUB bln


Net debt, RUB bln
Net debt / EBITDA
CAPEX, including capitalised repairs,
RUB bln
Dividend payments, RUB bln

Operating highlights

Production of phosphate-based fertilizers and feed phosphates, kt
Sales of phosphate-based fertilizers and feed phosphates, kt

Production of nitrogen-based fertilizers, kt
Sales of nitrogen-based fertilizers, kt

Sustainable development indicators

Pollutant emissions, kg/t
GHG emissions, kg/t

Waste water discharge, m3/t
Share of recycled and decontaminated hazard class 1–4 waste,%

Employee satisfaction and loyalty, %
Average annual training hours per employee

Injury frequency rate per 1 mln hours
Workplace fatalitiesNo cases of death as a result of occupational diseases were recorded.